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Created in 2005 after a collection dedicated to Polytechnique alumnae, “Éditions du Bicorne”, AEGEUS goal is to foster the wide propagation of the writings of faculty, researchers and thesis students from French ‘Grandes Ecoles’ and Universities, in France and outside.

The main fields of research and teaching targeted are the followings scientific domains:

- Economy, Industrial economy, Management, Sociology of organizations, Social sciences,

- Philosophy, Psychology, Moral and Political sciences, History, other human sciences,

- Natural sciences, Physics and related sciences, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics,

- Habitats, Rural and Urban organization, Architecture, ‘Beaux-Arts’, Law studies, Others

For French speaking scientific communities, faculty and doctoral schools, AEGEUS is a new tool to let a writing, an essay, a thesis, a study, a report or a set of conference proceedings be edited and distributed. It aims at reaching a wider audience, at first throughout French speaking communities, but also to facilitate translations and propagation towards other languages.

A main solution proposed is complete edition from reading by a committee, preparation for publication from printing to promotion in appropriate book circuits, whether Internet or Retail.

Research papers will also be gathered in either integral or shortened version through annual thematic periodic volumes. They may be accessed in summarized editions for download.

Conference proceedings edited by AEGEUS are dedicated to be accessed through Internet site www.aegeus.fr in download per category. They are also printed and distributed towards related scientific libraries or stores.

AEGEUS may facilitate translation in other languages, to begin with English, towards a broader access and to the worldwide scientific community. Partnering with American and English publishers is currently considered in order to take care of diffusion in these worlds. For conference, thesis and research papers already proposed in English, AEGEUS will take care of linguistic checking, shaping and proper transmission to appropriate publishing houses.

Financial details of editing through AEGEUS depend specific services that might be required.

If one of these projects is of interest feel free to fill a form or email us at client arrobas aegeus dot fr.